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Graduate Success Stories


Gloria Tso, 2015 graduate

and winner of $50,000 James W. McLamore Whooper Scholarship.

I started my education in the Bartlesville Public School District as a kindergartener and what a journey it has been. The teachers here are truly exceptional, and the entire faculty forms a support system that resembles a community. Their dedication to their work shows each and every day as they leave students aspiring to excel in their learning just as they do in their teaching. I can attest to the fact that BPSD doesn't just teach students how to obtain a high school diploma; BPSD aims to teach students how to attain a future.

Ashlee Fox, 2015 graduate

Ashlee Fox is a successful senior at Bartlesville High Schools

Bartlesville Public Schools have offered me nothing less than the best – from having science teachers who helped me reach my full potential and compete at the Oklahoma State Scholastic Science Fair to experiencing life as a journalist while writing for a state championship winning newspaper. My teachers have always cheered me to success. They believed in my abilities to be chosen as a delegate to a national tribal leaders conference in Washington, DC. They spent countless hours sponsoring a school club that I wanted to steer. And they taught me to be a lifelong leader. The strenuous coursework, the myriad of extracurricular activities, and the outstanding faculty have ensured that I am well-equipped for college and life.

Logan Martin, 2015 graduate

My education in Bartlesville has introduced me to a diverse atmosphere where a scholarly spirit is fostered. This begins with the school system itself pushing forward, striving to outdo its own records and develop into an ever-modernizing paradigm for other schools. It's difficult for a student to fail with such a passionate teaching staff, the ample opportunities to join superior clubs and teams, and the forward thinking management. The abundant resources in AP courses and material are merely the icing on top of an already delicious cake.

Christina Adams

I appreciate the fundamental ways the Bartlesville education system prepared me to be a strong member of a community, taught me how to approach learning, and gave me the confidence to pursue personal and professional challenges in college, business school, and work.

James Battiste

James Battiste is a successful graduate of Bartlesville Public Schools

The Bartlesville School system was an excellent beginning to education. The teachers were caring and able to provide an advanced level of education that allowed me and many of my peers to go on to diverse, successful careers. They attended universities such as Duke, USC, and Harvard, and they now work in business, medicine, law, academic research and many other fields. The proof is in the results. The products of Bartlesville schools are students ready to excel.

I-Fang Chung

I realized how fortunate I was to have lived in Bartlesville when I attended the University of California at Berkeley, which was fiercely competitive in biology, calculus and physics. I was able to keep up because I was given a great foundation through the nurturing environment in Bartlesville.

Brian Barnes

Bartlesville Public Schools gave me the educational foundation I needed to succeed at Yale and ultimately as a clerk for one of the Justices of the United States Supreme Court. I was always challenged to read more, write better and ask harder questions. Even after attending two Ivy League schools, I can still say that many of the best teachers I ever had were in Bartlesville, Oklahoma.

Tom Sundberg

During the course of my career I have been fortunate to work with colleagues from a variety of educational backgrounds including several “name brand” east-coast boarding schools. I feel Bartlesville High School compares favorably to any of those institutions. The educators at BHS did a superb job of not only providing me a solid academic foundation to succeed in college and beyond, but helped to instill a life-long interest in learning.

Britney Kennedy Caughell

Bartlesville public schools really helped foster my initial artistic development. I got opportunities to perform and push my boundaries in a way that gave me a leg up when it came time to picking colleges. It was the first training I had on the road to my current success.

Caitlyn Caughell Kraemer

I'm beyond grateful for my experience at Bartlesville Public Schools. I was extraordinarily well prepared to compete in the rigorous academic environment of New York University, and I know that success is because of the excellent teaching I received across multiple disciplines, including the opportunity to tackle a wide range of AP coursework. The dynamic extracurricular activities prepared me well to juggle the varied responsibilities of collegiate life, and now manage my career as a professional Actor in New York City. For excellent education in traditional academics and the arts, I can't imagine a better place to learn than Bartlesville Public Schools.

Michael Silas

Bartlesville was a great place to grow up, attend school and participate in sports. My teachers, coaches and fellow students set high expectations in both academics and athletics resulting in an excellent foundation for greater challenges to come.

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