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Parent Success Stories


Russell Vaclaw

Vaclaw family shares success stories from Bartlesville Public Schools

I have three kids in the Bartlesville Public Schools, and another 14 nieces and nephews who have attended or are attending Bartlesville Schools. I was also a student here, along with my eight siblings. It is fair to say that we have entrusted the education of our entire family to Bartlesville Public Schools. It has produced a captain of the Bartlesville Fire Department, a dentist, medical doctors, a lawyer, businessmen and soon a nephew with a doctorate in engineering. Our entire family's foundation in education is right here in the Bartlesville elementary schools, middle schools and high school. I cannot imagine having my kids educated anywhere else.

Brian and Becky Olsen

Olsen family shares success stories from Bartlesville Public Schools

Our four children have flourished while in the Bartlesville Public Schools system. Students receive the individualized attention typically found in smaller communities while having access to the unique offerings of larger school systems. We've found the teachers and administration accessible and willing to work with us and our children to help them succeed. Starting in middle school, students can expand their skills and talents in award winning programs such as orchestra, choir, journalism and art. Finally, Bartlesville’s athletic programs develop the students physically in a positive team environment. It’s no wonder that numerous graduates return to their hometown because of the uniqueness of Bartlesville Public Schools. Proud to be a Bruin!

Susan and Brent Steward

Steward family shares success stories from Bartlesville Public Schools

It's important to live where children are put first and where they can thrive. This community is extremely supportive of everything students do from science fairs, debate events, and art contests to sports competitions, choir concerts and musicals. All three of our children have enjoyed their schooling whether at the elementary, junior high or high school level. The teachers are outstanding and the AP course offerings are valuable in enhancing their education. My oldest daughter, who is now attending a university, states that she is more than prepared for her college-level courses. We love living in this community and appreciate the quality of life for everyone in our family.

Ford and Vanessa Drummond

Drummond family shares success stories from Bartlesville Public Schools

When our family moved to Oklahoma 16 years ago, we chose Bartlesville due to its long tradition of excellence in education and the surprisingly large number of activities and cultural events offered in a community this size. Sixteen years later, we know we made the right decision.

Bartlesville's class sizes for elementary school are among the smallest in the state, and it shows in the attention and care our children received. At the middle school level, our children have thrived in advanced math courses, competed in a variety of sports, and enjoyed Bartlesville's excellent band and art programs. At the high school level, our kids have had the opportunity to take numerous AP classes, compete in debate, travel to Ireland with the band, and even win a state championship with the girls cross country team!

 As our oldest daughter prepares to graduate and move on to Stanford University, we can say with confidence that Bartlesville Public Schools have given our children an exceptional education to prepare them for life.

Wayne and Robin Wiseman

After visiting several towns and comparing the important data like schools, scores, sports, crime, and the community in general – Bartlesville was the best choice for our children. Compared with cities elsewhere, Bartlesville Public Schools were a top contender in academic performance, plus the opportunity for our boys to compete and excel in varsity sports was unequaled. Bartlesville also offered outstanding fine arts programs! We have never regretted our decision and our boys have had the opportunity to experience a very Norman Rockwell-like childhood.

Beth and Mike Reburn

Both of our children attended Bartlesville Public Schools for 9-12 grade, after attending private school for grades K-8. Our hope with the transition was that they would have a wider variety of course choices and extracurricular activities, and this certainly was the case. The top three reasons we love and value Bartlesville Public Schools:

  1. By selecting courses from the wide variety of honors and Advanced Placement classes available, they were prepped for college entrance exams and found the transition to college level coursework quite easy.
  2. The Fine Arts programs are exceptional. Both of our children were involved extensively in the choral music program, which is without a doubt one of the finest in the state.
  3. While many students struggle in the critical subjects of math and science, Bartlesville has knowledgeable, committed teachers in these areas. They go above and beyond the typical high school teacher to teach and prepare our children.

Blair Ellis

I could not ask for anything more from my son's caring, compassionate, and creative teacher. In a class of almost 20 five year olds, my son’s pre-kindergarten teacher finds time every day to give each student individualized attention – tailoring her lessons to their diverse skill levels. She seems to know how each child learns and is able to adapt her teaching style to meet their needs. She makes herself available to parents and encourages parental involvement. I feel confident leaving my son in her care during the week and leaving his formal education primarily in her hands.

Christina and David Culver

After moving from Bartlesville and living in the Oklahoma City area for about seven years, we chose to move back to Bartlesville to finish raising our family. The close-knit community and school system were both major factors in our decision. We have had a wonderful experience while sending our four children through Bartlesville Public Schools. Despite the struggles in education across the country, Bartlesville has managed to retain quality teachers who not only strive for excellence in their classrooms, but take a personal interest in their students' success.

Kimberly Doenges

We are extremely fortunate to live in a safe, creative, and culturally invigorating community with such a strong school system. For the past two and a half years, my son has been academically challenged and happily engaged in his middle school. He appreciates his teachers and looks forward to his classes. I am impressed with every one of the twenty one or more teachers he has had at Central Middle School – an excellent English teacher, a superior choir teacher, strong and lively instructors in English and Publications, and a math teacher who is one of the best in the state, to name just a few. The counselors and principal along with the support staff work to create a safe and caring environment. Lastly, the student body is diverse and also friendly. He is fortunate to have friends from all areas of the spectrum.

Bill and Peggy Covell

If you want to do more than live in a community, then Bartlesville could be your home. More than most places, Bartlesville is a community where you can affect the educational services, where you can contribute to bettering the life for all citizens, where you can work closely to promote the arts, and where you can cheer for your children and the children of your friends at any number of athletic endeavors. At every social event, you will find a broad diversity in thought, opinion, socio-economic circumstances and ethnicity.

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