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Gloria Tso, 2015 graduate

and winner of $50,000 James W. McLamore Whooper Scholarship.

I started my education in the Bartlesville Public School District as a kindergartener and what a journey it has been. The teachers here are truly exceptional, and the entire faculty forms a support system that resembles a community. Their dedication to their work shows each and every day as they leave students aspiring to excel in their learning just as they do in their teaching. I can attest to the fact that BPSD doesn't just teach students how to obtain a high school diploma; BPSD aims to teach students how to attain a future.

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Jack Williams

The teachers care about you. There is a personalization of lesson plans. The teachers take the time to work with each student.

Henry Williams

I feel valued as a person, as a student and as an athlete. There is a wide variety of classes to take you anywhere you want to go, in college and beyond.

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Russell Vaclaw

Vaclaw family shares success stories from Bartlesville Public Schools

I have three kids in the Bartlesville Public Schools, and another 14 nieces and nephews who have attended or are attending Bartlesville Schools. I was also a student here, along with my eight siblings. It is fair to say that we have entrusted the education of our entire family to Bartlesville Public Schools. It has produced a captain of the Bartlesville Fire Department, a dentist, medical doctors, a lawyer, businessmen and soon a nephew with a doctorate in engineering. Our entire family's foundation in education is right here in the Bartlesville elementary schools, middle schools and high school. I cannot imagine having my kids educated anywhere else.

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